Good morning peeps! I kid you not; I see blue skies and sunshine!! Oh happy day and I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee. Happy June to you as well. Sunshine…I see sunshine. And guess what? This my friends, is issue 80. Eight 0.

Last month I introduced Traffic is good and even with Memorial Day weekend, I have had almost 12,000 visitors. Kat’s Corner is on there, but not Round Town News. What we have been able to do is not just show listings, but the communities as well. Buyers want to know about the area, the cities, school districts, churches and local businesses. The site is all about community. Take a look and if you want your business or organization listed, let me know.

Speaking of our community, it’s important to help our local businesses by shopping local. Business owner’s count on you to keep their doors open and it is always good to meet new people and become friends with your neighbors.

And when you are out and about, stop in cWc Creations, the local coffee shop at 105 Eve. St and Hwy. 6 in Nevada. Part of the expansion includes the new space with internet access, so you can work while having a latte. Owner Crystal White is a wonderful person and the boutique is cute, cute. Perfect place for a little down time. There is an outdoor patio as well.

One of the things I love about publishing this newsletter is the fun I have and the great relationships I have developed. I was reminded of that when I sat down with Alphonso Bates, a man who wears many hats and who stepped in as Community ISD Superintendent, after Dr. Nivens moved to Houston. Once again I think back to over 6 years ago and how many new faces and businesses there were at the time. Watkins Café, Dr. Casey Draper, Dr. Roosevelt Nivens, Alphonso Bates and Round Town News. We were all part of the chamber and worked together on other levels. I was happy to sit down and talk with Bates for this month’s spotlight and I am grateful for the friendship we share.

“A Grateful Heart Creates Miracles”

Have a blessed day and remember, Some People will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.

Love, Kat

Kat Donnell

With respect and gratitude to all who have served our nation with honor. Thank you, Veterans.

Kat Donnell and Jessica Scott Associates Network have a long history of involvement with Veterans and there housing requirements, including VA loans and inspections.  Veterans are a part of Jessica Scott Associates Network and we proudly support the  Herd History Project.